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Give members quick, easy options for changing and managing their personal identification number (PIN). By accelerating processes for PIN change – a critical cardholder moment – your credit union promotes activation, personalization, and security, which ultimately boosts usage. Integrate PIN related functions into member-facing interfaces such as IVRs or mobile and online banking apps.

API usage requirements include:

  • Separate PIN API usage agreement.
  • HSM (Hardware Security Module) sponsored by the client or third-party vendor is required for the Omaha platform.
  • HSM (Hardware Security Module) sponsored by the client or third-party vendor may be required when using the “PIN Offset Change” endpoint on the Connex platform.
  • On the Connex platform, PIN Validation is performed using the Authorization Process file (not the track of the card).

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/pin-offset-change: Change the PIN offset of a card account on the Connex platform.
  • /connex/pin-change: Change a PIN for a card on the Connex platform.
  • /connex/pin-change/wrap-key.get: The 256-bit key used to encrypt the symmetric PIN value and return a wrapped version used for PIN Change on the Connex platform. Use the Encryption API for keys instead of this legacy endpoint.
  • /omaha/emv-pin-change: Change a PIN for an EMV chip card on the Omaha platform.


Use Case Examples:

  • Make it easy for your members to manage their PIN through their credit union online or mobile banking applications.
  • Integrate PIN management functions into a credit union IVR for simplified member support.
  • Establish a member selected PIN during instant issuance of a debit or credit card.

Sequence Diagram: