Plastics Management API

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Give your cardholders more control and flexibility at their fingertips when managing cards for themselves while on the go without getting bogged down with outdated processes. Provide an option to your cardholders to utilize digital channels to perform multiple actions such as adding, ordering, replacing, reissuing, or deleting a card from their account with this API.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/cvv.get: Obtain a CCV for the requested card. This API requires using the Encryption API as a pre-requisite. Refer to the Technical Notes wiki for Plastics Management.
  • /connex/card.get: Retrieve card details along with member and account information.
  • /connex/card POST: Add and order a new card for an account. The request for a New PAN to be generated is processed by CORE outside of this connex API.
  • /connex/card PUT: Manage card specifics with member and account information.
  • /connex/card.delete: Remove a card from an account.
  • /connex/card-replacement: Replace a card on an account with a new PAN.
  • /connex/card-reissuance: Reissue a card on an account with the same PAN.
  • /omaha/card-issuance-detail.get: Check plastic and PIN mailer order details.
  • /omaha/payment-instrument-expiration: Amend the expiration date for a card.
  • /omaha/plastic-count: Update the number of plastics to emboss for a member.
  • /omaha/cvv.get: Retrieve CVV/CVC data for a particular card on an account.
  • /omaha/emboss-plastic: Place Embossing Plastic orders to be sent to cardholders. This API also captures any special handling instructions for shipping through overnight courier services.
  • /omaha/instant-issue.get: Inquire about details on an Instant Issuance plastic request for EMV chip cards by an Issuer.
  • /omaha/instant-issue: Submit requests for Instant Issuance of EMV chip cards.
  • /omaha/plastic-type: Perform updates for plastic type codes for card orders.
  • /omaha/pending-emboss-orders.get: Perform searches for any pending plastic orders.
  • /omaha/pending-emboss-orders-cancel: Perform cancellations for card orders for Issuers.
  • /omaha/emv-script-history.get: Return script history for a Mastercard Worldwide or Visa (EMV) card. NOTE: Contact the Developer Portal Product Team prior to using this endpoint in order to engage in production testing.


Use Case Examples:

  • Provide a streamlined option for cardholders to expedite the replacement of a card via digital products such as an issuer’s mobile and online banking applications and IVR systems giving your cardholders more control over their banking experience.
  • Update the expiration date for a card in order to validate card information in the future to ensure a secure purchasing process.
  • Assign and adjust the number of plastics a cardholder receives for a more efficient method of service to your cardholders.
  • Give your member-servicing staff the ability to replace or reissue a card on behalf of a commercial issuer delivering convenience while ensuring security in the unfortunate event if a card becomes lost or stolen.
  • Add or order a new card(s) providing cardholders with the option to include account details delivering greater value to your members.
  • Update card details such as member and account information to keep current descriptions of the member’s account.
  • Auto-generate a new PAN when creating a new card for an account.
  • Remove a card from a cardholder's account at the touch of a button.
  • Retrieve the associated CVV code for a specific card for member validation when processing online purchases.
  • Inquire about a specific debit or credit card's CVV/CVC encoding attributes and CVC indent values used for member validation when processing purchases online or by phone.
  • Manage embossing orders when requesting plastics for cardholders, in addition to capturing any special handling instructions when shipping orders via overnight courier services.
  • Retrieve order details immediately after submitting an Instant Issuance plastic request for EMV chip cards by an Issuer in order for member-servicing staff to confirm the order information and verify the production dates with a cardholder.
  • Provide your member-servicing staff with the option to manage requests for ordering EMV chip cards for members’ accounts via the Instant Issuance process.
  • Manage cancellations for card orders on behalf of Issuers to correct mistakes and deliver card delivery precision and member confidence through their card ordering experience.
  • Search for any pending emboss requests or plastic card orders placed on cardholders’ accounts in order to verify order information or delivery dates for the cardholder.
  • Manage the plastic type code on card orders for members’ accounts in order to submit or update plastic embossing orders being sent to cardholders.
  • View the history of the scripts that were run on MasterCard Worldwide or Visa (EMV) chip cards to track the activity performed on that card.