Statements API

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Reviewing accounts may be done at a glance - now you’re living in the Digital Age with this API. Either for annual tax purposes or monthly account review, your members can conveniently access their monthly or annual statements via digital platforms simply by making a request. E-Statements are delivered in PDF format for an effortless account audit at the touch of a button.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /omaha/e-statement-data.get: Request monthly statements in PDF form.
  • /omaha/e-statement-info.get: Inquire about a list of monthly eStatements available for the account.
  • /omaha/e-statements-annual-info.get: Retrieve annual eStatement information for the account.
  • /omaha/statement-summaries.get: Provide summary information on a cardholder’s credit card statement. For this endpoint, refer to the Statement Summaries table wiki that defines Custom Objects for Statement Summary.
  • /omaha/hold-flag: Mark the account to receive annual e-Statements.
  • /omaha/annual-estatement-data.get: Obtain the requested annual statement PDF. Refer to the Annual eStatement Data table wiki that defines Custom Objects for this endpoint.
  • /omaha/statement-holdcode: Set the statement hold flag on an account to receive monthly statements.
  • /omaha/bulk-mail-identifier: Mark an account with the bulk mail code /ID.

Use Cases Examples:

  • Request annual or monthly statements in PDF form and other related statement lookup information so that the member may view the requested year’s transactions for bookkeeping and research purposes.
  • Ensure the account will generate annual e-Statements to be sent to the cardholder for their annual review of their account.
  • Publish summary information in the header and footer of a cardholder's Credit Card Statements to highlight the major important information for the account owner at a glance. Summaries may include Statement Date, Payment Due Date, Finance Charge Amount, Minimum Pay Amount, Opening and Ending Balance Amounts, Credit Line Amount, Available Credit Remaining, Days in Billing Cycle, etc.
  • Manage sending monthly cardholder statements to the cardholder for their account review by setting the staement hold flag on an account.
  • Record the bulk mail code / ID on an account when shipping plastics orders to addresses other than account holders’ address.