Status API

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Allow a digital channel to request access to card status information in real-time. Use this API to perform card management functions that include adding, updating, or viewing the card status information. Plus you can give your members self-service options to report and replace a lost or stolen card. The result is a faster and better service experience for your cardholders.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/status.get: Retrieve card status details for a card on a cardholder's account on the Connex platform.
  • /connex/status: Manage card status data for a card on the Connex platform.
  • /omaha/external-status: View and update the external status code on an account on the Omaha platform.


Use Case Examples:

  • Integrate into your member servicing platforms in order to quickly view or update card status information such as active, closed, lost or stolen, or similar status codes on an account.
  • Allow your members to view card status information on their account and take action through self-service options on your mobile or online banking applications.