Transactions API

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Give members easy, secure access to the transaction information they need to stay on top of their accounts with confidence. This API retrieves member transaction details for a specific card account.

Integrate this API into your mobile banking application, home banking website, IVR systems or member-service interfaces and meet member expectations for easy access to their transaction history, which in turn, gives your members a closer connection to their cards.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/transactions.get: Retrieve transaction history. This API allows to fetch maximum 20 transactions for last 30 days.
  • /omaha/transactions.get: Provide access to all transactions available on the account.
  • /omaha/transactions/adjustment: Post a non-clearing adjustment to an account.
  • /omaha/transactions/cash-advance: Authorize and post a cash advance transaction as an adjustment to an account.
  • /omaha/transactions/current-transactions.get: Provide access to posted transactions that do not yet appear on a printed statement.
  • /omaha/transactions/last-statement-transactions.get: Returns transactions from the most recent statement.
  • /connex/transactions-search.get: Search transactions for a cardholder’s account within a specific date range with a default of past 30 days.
  • /connex/transaction-detail.get: Retrieve transaction details for a cardholder’s account.
  • /omaha/biller-search.get: Inquires on billing information of biller or payees for other API functions.
  • /omaha/balance-consolidation: Manage a balance consolidation transaction for a credit account.
  • /omaha/transactions-expanded.get: Obtain all available data for transactions on an account.

NOTE - Transaction API data is returned from the Data Navigator and is not impacted by APBatch2/4. For more information on these API endpoints, please refer to the Technical Notes wiki in this Transactions API.


Use Case Examples:

  • Give members access to their most recent transaction details in your online or mobile banking applications prior to receiving printed statements.
  • When members call into your IVR, give them the option to review the most recent transactions on their account.
  • Provide members or member service representatives with a quick glance at the most recent account transactions and the ability to dive deeper into their historical transaction data.
  • Perform targeted transaction searches on a cardholder’s account with start and end dates regarding member inquiries with a default of the past 30 days for debit accounts.
  • Inquire on transaction details (including merchant and posting information) for a cardholder’s account within the last 30 days in order for members to review finances or get questions answered.
  • Perform preliminary searches for billing information of billers or payees, usually a first step for other APIs such as Balance Consolidation.
  • Perform balance consolidation to pay off a balance on a credit account from a funding account or demand deposit account and quickly enable a secure payment process.
  • Provide detailed information related to every transaction appearing on a debit or credit cardholder’s account statement for a specific billing cycle for easy access to answer any pending questions from members on their transactions.