Transactions API

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Technical Notes


To run the /omaha/authorization-result.get endpoint will require leveraging the ‘referenceNumber’ from the /omaha/transactions/cash-advance endpoint, which determines whether the authorization was processed outside of Co-op (indicated with a value greater than zero).


See the Get Omaha Transactions wiki that defines Custom Objects for this endpoint.


  • For this endpoint, please refer to the System Supported Country Codes Table for the Return Parameter of mcCntyCd.
  • For this endpoint, please refer to the Merchant Category Codes (MCC) Table for the Return parameter of dtlMerchCatCde.

For this endpoint:

  1. Indicate an alternate dateStatement to reduce the transactions returned on a given statement.
  2. If required, use /omaha/statement-summaries.get to view may be used to pre-determine statement dates beforehand.
  3. To filter results, determine which statement the transaction is under using the dtlStmntDate field or filter with the dateStatement parameter.
  4. Use an YYYDDMM format for the dateStatement field. Set the date value to “00000000” to illustrate transactions are on the current billing cycle but NOT on a statement yet.

Note – The dateStatement filter cannot utilize the “00000000” value as a valid entry.

Please refer to the System Trans Codes Table for the Return Parameter - tranCode - for the following endpoints:

  • /omaha/transactions/adjustment
  • /omaha/transactions-expanded.get

Please refer to the Currency Codes Table for the parameter of dtlCurrCode which appears in the following endpoints:

  • /omaha/transactions/current-transactions.get
  • /omaha/transactions/last-statement-transactions.get
  • /omaha/transactions-expanded.get


Manage balance consolidation transactions on an account. This endpoint response must be validated against SSG.

To perform a balance consolidation requires two separate functions as part of this API: an initial “inquiry” call and a second call to “Release” (authorize/confirm) the balance consolidation.

The Inquiry obtains the funding account’s credit limits to verify if the consolidation amount will process. If not, when the consolidation amount exceeds the funding account’s available credit, a reduction will occur to match the funding account’s maximum amount of credit available in order to process.

User Verification of any updates to the consolidation may occur before confirming the release.

The Release call changes the Action parameter to “Release” when the call simultaneously occurs with the Inquiry.

For Balance Consolidations, RUN /omaha/biller-search.get for the following actions:

  1. To access the biller information in order to process the balance consolidation within the ACH processing system.
  2. Balance Consolidation transactions submitted without utilizing the endpoint /omaha/biller-search.get will be sent in the mail as a paper check.
  3. Items submitted utilizing the endpoint /omaha/biller-search.get may also be sent as a paper check if the item rejects the automated process.