Travel Notifications API

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Manage travel notifications via API. Integrate travel notification reporting such as cardholder information, blocking instructions, start and end dates; into mobile and online banking apps. Optional data such as alternate contacts can also be provided via this API. Increase the quality of member service with prompt communications and timely access to notification information.

Cost-effective to implement, Travel Notifications API offers the ability to integrate CO-OP application functionality to your client branded applications. Save time and resources by using fully developed, proven solutions integrated within your current app.

Comply with the industry best practice of allowing cardholders to report their travel plans and contact information. The Travel Notifications API makes it easy for cardholders to self-report travel plans, directly and seamlessly in real-time data transfer. Build cardholder confidence with the knowledge that the credit union has current travel and contact information.

The Connex endpoints of this API require a Travel Notification key that will be provided by CO-OP.

NOTE: In order to use FIS API’s, Credit Unions MUST be APBatch4. Please contact your CSE* or Client Care to verify your Credit Union's status.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/travel-notifications-get: Retrieve travel notification information.
  • /connex/travel-notifications: Add new travel notification.
  • /connex/travel-notifications-delete: Delete an existing travel notification.
  • /omaha/reset-travel-strategy: Add new travel notification.


Use Case Examples:

  • Provide an easy self-service option for cardholders to report upcoming travel information, such as cardholder information, blocking instructions and start and end dates.
  • Ensure your staff can easily and quickly see specific member travel notifications.