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Notice to Integrators

This portal will be depreciated at the end of January 2020 as we move to a new API documentation platform based on openAPI (OAS) 3. Updates to follow.


Creditsafe Connect is a REST API allowing you to receive up to date, reliable business information in real time. Through the Creditsafe Connect API, you can gain access to a wealth of information, including:

  • Business information on over 240 million companies worldwide.
  • Company information from any company, anywhere in the world.
  • Access millions of company director and shareholder records worldwide.
  • Over 200 unique data fields.
  • Monitor all your customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.
  • Bespoke Decision policies produced by Decision Engine

Creditsafe Connect has been developed as a lightweight but powerful API to allow a quick and seamless integration, minimising any development work that needs to be undertaken.

Getting Connected

To get started we recommended reviewing the Connect API Interface and specific help pages. If you prefer a more hands on approach, take a look at our Postman Collection or our Demo Portal to get a quick overview of the API interface.

For many integrations, getting connected is as simple as 3 REST calls - Authenticate - Search - Report.

Connect Interface RAML

The Connect API interface is described in the API documentation standard 'RAML' RESTful API Modeling Language. RAML is a human- and machine-readable language for the definition of a RESTful application programming interface (API). RAML is designed to improve the specification of the API by providing a format that the API provider and API consumers can use as a mutual contract. RAML can, for example, facilitate providing user documentation and source code stubs for client and server implementations. Such provisions streamline and enhance the definition and development of interoperable applications that utilise RESTful APIs.

RAML introduces the innovative concept of resource types and traits for characterising and reusing patterns of resources and associated methods. Using resource types and traits minimises the repetition in a RESTful API design and promotes consistency within and across APIs.


This web platform is designed to advise developers build their Creditsafe Connect integration. To submit a help or support ticket please visit: