FCC License View

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The FCC issues licenses for use of the nation's airwaves and other purposes. License View API provides snapshots such as the number of licenses across different services, how many licenses different entities have, and how many licenses are up for renewal in the near future. The following APIs represent a step toward reform of our licensing systems and improvement in how the FCC makes licensing information available to the public.

The FCC License View contains licenses that have been granted by the Federal Communications Commission, and is intended solely to demonstrate some of the changes envisioned for the Commission's new Consolidated Licensing System. Users are cautioned that this system does not necessarily constitute the complete record in any particular license and, as such, the FCC makes no representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information maintained in the FCC License View. Users seeking a record of a particular license are urged to utilize the Commission's official databases, such as the Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS), Consolidated Data Base System (CDBS), Experimental Licensing System (ELS), International Bureau Filing System (IBFS) and Universal Licensing System (ULS), instead.
The information contained herein has not been relied upon by the Commission to analyze the competitive marketplace or assessing the spectrum holdings of service providers in any particular geographic area. Furthermore, users should be aware that matters not reflected in the FCC License View may relate to and affect the status of FCC licenses, including spectrum leasing arrangements, transactions pending before the FCC, transactions approved by the FCC but not consummated by applicants, future proceedings before the FCC, or actions in the courts. The FCC License View is also not an endorsement by the FCC of any particular service, technology, product, or service provider, and the FCC makes no representations or warranties about the provision of service on the data included in this database.