Legacy Scores API

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API Notebook

The Legacy Scores API provides you instant access to the Graydon your are familiar with for companies in Belgium and in the United Kingdom. The API enables you to get these legacy scores until you've switched to the new and improved Graydon Scores (Credit scores and Opportunity scores) which are accessible via our Company API.

In this Notebook we'll explore the resource that you can use to retrieve the legacy scores. To run all the scripts, please click on Play notebook at the bottom of the page.

Create API client

First, we create a client to access the resources of the Legacy Scores API:

To use access the resources, we provide a unique identification of the company of our interest. We start now using the unique company identification in the Graydon Database, the Enterprise ID. Other ID's can be used to access this resource, which we will see later on.

Now we will access the API using the client we created above...

Let us check the status of our call...

Great!!! our request has been successfully executed....

The body of the received response contains all legacy scores available. Please explore its content.

We also can get the legacy scores by providing an official ID. For Belgian companies, we can provide the enterprise number, also known as 'Ondernemingsnummer' in Dutch. A CRO registration number can be used for companies in the United Kingdom. To be able to use this option, an additional request parameter is needed: idType. This parameter should have the value OFFICIAL.

Let us create a variable officialId which we will use to fire the request...

Now we request the legacy scores, by providing the officialId and as a request parameter idParameter has value OFFICIAL.


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