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Request API Access - Client Apps

Requesting API Access & Creating Client Application(s)

Create Client Apps with unique ClientID and ClientSecret pairs used for OAuth 2.0 Security for generating the Bearer Tokens that must accompany your API requests.

Client App Naming Conventions


TESTING: Please use the following naming conventions when requesting a personal client application to request access to any HarperCollins API, regardless of environment:

{firstNameInitial}.{lastName}@{companyName} e.g. j.doe@hcp

Application(s): When you begin implementing your system(s), each of your unique application(s) create a unique Client Application, even if for the same HCP API.

As the @ is supported for Client App naming, please use the following convention:

{ApplicationName}@{CompanyName}  e.g. BookIngest@Bookperkinatior
In addition, each of your unique applications will require a separate Client App per runtime, typically 'QA/Test' and 'Production'.
ProductionQA / TestDev*
  • A separate Client App may be required for an HCP API Development Runtime under certain circumstances. For example, if testing new API capabilities, including Resources, Methods, or Data Elements. Defect remediation may also require that you create a Dev Client App