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OpenBook v4 - The HarperCollins Public API for Global Products, Contributors, and more

By default, US Trade and Children's product data is available when access is granted to this API. For other HCP global organization data, please follow this support process:

Message the HCP App and Data Integration Team for issues concerning:

  • Data Integrity - Seemingly incorrect, questionable, or gaps in data
  • Requesting / re-requesting an email invitation for creating an HCP API Platform User Account
    • Requests for existing Client Applications, including assistance locating data required for your use casel

When submitting your request, please include the following in your message:

  1. The respective HCP API and Environment, e.g. OpenBook V4 - DV
  2. Name of your Client App(s) requiring support, e.g: j.doe-test@public-company; author-ingest@hcp-partner;; a.guy@hcuk; hccp-app-dv, hqna-app-qa; hcus-app-pd, etc
  3. The Client_ID of the impacted Client App, e.g. db3fab83d0j87ps596b54ec730e3de6c
  4. A brief Use Case explaining any data concern or need to add the following HCP Organization(s):

    • HarperCollins United Kingdom (please specify HCUK)
    • HarperCollins Christian Publishing (please specify HCCP)
    • Harlequin North America (please specify HQNA)
    • HarperCollins Canada (please specify HCCA)
    • HarperCollins France (please specify HQFR)
    • HarperCollins Australia / New Zealand (please specify HCANZ)
    • HarperCollins India (please specify HCIN)
You will be updated with an estimate of when or if your request can be accommodated.

QuickTips: Exporting and attaching example Postman .json example request(s) with your use case is highly encouraged. If provided, we will do our best to return a working request. It may even be added to our Public Collection. We also respond to use feedback on our Exchange API Portals. So let us know your thoughts, and thank you for your interest in our HarperCollins APIs.