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This API provides Identity Data from the following sources

  1. Employee Data from HR and Registry
  2. Student Data from SIS and Registry
  3. Alumni Data from Advance and Registry
  4. Affiliate Data from Registry

NOTE: Senior leadership team and Shanghai information are not included in the API.

Access to this API is strictly governed by the resepective data stewards and their approval. There are multiple steps for gaining access to this API. Please follow the order as follows

  1. Submit a request through the API access form and follow instructions as stated.
  2. On completion and approval of the API access form, Logout of this API portal and Login as the "Service Account/Special purpose ID" as stated by you in the API access form and click on the "Request Access" button on the top right corner of this page. Create a new application and name it to reflect your client application and is identifiable to the API team (please do not use spaces or special characters). Once the application is created and you have submitted the access request, you will receive a client_id and client_secret
  3. Follow the instructions for getting an OAuth2.0 access token.

Please refer to the NYU Developer Portal for more information on APIs, tools, testing etc.

In case of any questions please feel free to reachout to us at