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The goal of this API

The Parcel Label API requires an HS Tariff Code in order to process label requests for the overseas market. The goal of this API is to provide an endpoint that the customer can call BEFORE they call Parcel Label. The customer will pass a Product Description to this API, which will connect to an external service provider, namely Hurricane, which will in turn respond with the appropriate tariff code. The customer will then incorporate this code into the call to Parcel Label.

How to access this API:
1. The customer will make an HTTP POST call to the NZ Post "lookup-tariff-codes API" and pass the OAuth token and TPID as headers, and the appropriate BODY

( API will need the TPID in case there is a decision to charge the customer for this service in the future - at this moment this is a free service).


2. The customer can use either the HS6 or 10 Digit code option and Quick check by passing the appropriate details for calling the API. This will then route the request to the appropriate _lookup-tariff-codes API endpoints.


lookup-tariff-codes API Calls :

  1. HS6 (6 digit Tariff code): i. HS6 - Filtered Option ii. HS6 - Un-Filtered Option iii. HS6 Quick Check
  2. 10 Digit option
  3. Lookup Tariff Codes For EAD PreCom Portal User

please refer to each option on the left side panel. - PAGES