ParcelAddress API

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The ParcelAddress API enables search for international and domestic addresses. This API can be used for auto-complete (or type-ahead) dialogues for faster addressing entry. It is also used to validate addresses.

The international address search is

Alt text

When customers send parcels through NZ Posts network with an unvalidated address, there can be delays to delivering the parcel or the parcel ends up being returned to the merchant if the address doesnt exist in the network. These delayed and returned parcels add costs to the Merchant and increases the likelyhood of customer disatisfaction. Using the ParcelAddress API, customers can choose their address from a validated address within the NZ Post network, which will ensure that the parcel will be handled correctly and delivered to the client.

The process diagram below shows a basic overview of how ParcelAddress API can work with a merchant website that implements a type-ahead addressing process.



In order for you to gain access to the APIs, you and your organisation must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Your organisation must have an active NZ Post or CourierPost account number.
  2. You must be registered with the Developer Portal. You can register here by completing the registration form. The email address you provide on the registration form will be your Developer Portal username.
  3. You must have reviewed and accepted the Terms and Conditions for use of the NZ Post Group APIs.
  4. You must have requested and received access to the API.


For developer integration enquiries, please email Support is available during New Zealand business hours.