ParcelAddress API

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Get International Address Detail

Resource URL


Resource Description

Returns the detailed information for a single international address identifier. This resource is ![Alt text](

Merchants should consider the use of the Australian Address Lookup resource available in this API in addition to Get International Address Detail resource. The Australian Address Lookup resource is useful when the merchant sends a regular volume of parcel to Australian destinations and also consumes the ParcelLabel functionality. The Australian Address Lookup resource maps the Google Places address data to the ParcelLabel request fields for easier consumption.

Resource Information

Response FormatJSON
Requires AuthenticationYes
Rate Limited15 calls per second. If rate limit is exceeded, calls will be queued. Calls unprocessed for over 60 seconds will time out.

Please note that all request parameters should be in lower case.

Request Parameters

Field NameDescriptionMandExample
address_idInternational address identifier used by Google Places.YesEjAzODAwIExhIFBhc2FkYSBBdmUsIExhcyBWZWdhcywgTlYsIFVuaXRlZCBTdGF0ZXM

Sample Request

Response Parameters

Response parameters and their descriptions can be found in the Google Developers pages for Google Places here: