ParcelAddress API

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Use Case

Using the ParcelAddress API, a merchant's customers will be able to find their address amongst the verified address locations with NZ Post and CourierPost. Typical use is to embed the ParcelAddress API as a part of a merchant website's checkout process to assist a customer to find their address with the correct mail delivery data (Suburb, City, Postcode, Address ID). Doing this will ensure that the customer's parcel will be sent to a valid delivery location and there will be faster and more accurate handling of their parcel.

Use case showing ParcelAddress API working in merchant checkout

During the checkout process, the customer needs to enter their address details into the checkout of a merchant’s website to advise of where they want their parcel to be delivered.

A drop-down box containing a list of countries will be available for the customer to choose from. They select their country from the list in the drop-down box.


Another address field appears where the customer can start typing their address into the field. As the customer enters their address, valid address suggestions will automatically appear in a list.


The customer will select their address from the list of addresses that appear, but if their address does not appear amongst the list presented before them, then the customer continues to type more characters into the textbox until their address appears.


Once the customer’s address appears, the customer selects their address. The address details are then pre-populated into the relevant fields in the address details in the checkout. (i.e. the associated suburb/city/postcode will display based on the customers selection)


The merchant’s website now accepts the address and continues the checkout process and payment