ParcelLabel API

ParcelLabel API

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The ParcelLabel API is used to create parcel and destination specific shipping labels for domestic or international services.

There are three endpoints you need to call to generate a label:
1. Create Label
2. Get Status of Label
3. Download label (PDF or PNG)


You can either call the API to check the status of label generations or provide a webhook URL in the request to receive a notification for label generations.

Once labels are generated successfully, you can download and print the label images in PDF or PNG format.

You may apply to use a logo for your company to be incorporated onto your CourierPost and Pace shipping labels. Provided logos must be 1480 pixels wide by 380 pixels high and in png format. Upon confirmation of receipt and acceptance of the label size and format, you will be provided with a logo id. CourierPost and Pace label requests that include a valid logo id will be created with the logo in place.

ParcelLabel includes the following resources:

Name Function Verb
Create Label(s) - Domestic Request for creating one or multiple domestic labels. POST
Create Label(s) - International Request for creating one or multiple international labels. POST
Get Status of Label(s) Get the status of all labels within a consignment. GET
Get Status of Related Label(s) Get the status of all labels within a consignment and the related consignments within an order. GET
Download Label(s) Download all labels within a consignment in PDF format, or a specific label in PNG format. GET
Download Label(s) Direct Download all labels within a consignment in PDF format. The direct method allows you to enter your client id and client secret in the parameter of the HTTP request URL. GET

Please refer to the RAML to see field types, length and other restrictions.


  1. Your organisation must have an active NZ Post or CourierPost account number. The account number starts with a 9 or 5.
    If you do not have an account number, then you can call 0800 COURIER.
  2. You must have an online New Zealand Post account. You can register here by completing the registration form. The email address you provide on the registration form will be your Developer Portal username.
  3. You must have reviewed and accepted the Terms and Conditions for use of the NZ Post Group APIs.
  4. You must have requested and received access to the API.


For developer integration enquiries, please email Support is available during New Zealand business hours.