ParcelLabel API

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International Error Codes

These are some of the error codes you may receive when you use the API for generating International labels. This list contains the common error codes not the complete lists.
Email to if you do not find your error code here.

Error Codes

Code Details Message Where to look?
400002 Parcels value exceeds maximum value for this service Invalid parameter(s) Check for the field 'value' under 'parcel_contents' array. The number should be less than or equal to Maximum value for the service code used. Check for International Service Codes & Insurance Page to get the Maximum value
400002 Please provide a valid value for nature_of_transaction_code Invalid parameter(s) Check for the value under "nature_of_transaction_code". The value in there should map to the one allowed for the service code used. You can refer to the page Create Label(s) International - "nature_of_transaction_code"
400002 Invalid service code Invalid parameter(s) Either service selected is invalid or not valid for your account. If its a valid service,check with your account manager to see if the service is enabled for your account
400002 NZD 250.00 cover is included. Additional cover is not required Invalid parameter(s) Check whether the field "insurance_required": is marked as true, If so, mark the same as 'false'
400002 You must enter an action for non-delivery for this service Invalid parameter(s) Check for the value passed in "undeliverable_instructions" under "parcel_details" array. It should be either "RETURN" or "DESTROY"