ParcelLabel API

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Use Cases

Using the ParcelLabel API will allow a merchant to generate shipping labels for use in the NZ Post parcel network for international and domestic shipping. Prior to using this API service, merchants will need to contact an account manager at NZ Post before they can generate parcel labels for domestic and international shipping. Using the ParcelLabel API will ensure that the created parcel label will contain all the required information (address, service, barcodes) in a standardised format so a parcel can be ingested into the NZ Post parcel network and delivered successfully to a customer.

Uses of the ParcelLabel API

1) Generating labels for delivering goods to a customer

A merchant will request via their WMS a parcel label to be generated so they can create a parcel that will be delivered to their customer. The ParcelLabel API returns the parcel label data into the WMS which then allows the merchant to then print off a label. This label is then placed on a parcel that has completed their fulfillment process. Once the label is attached, the parcel is ready to be passed to NZ Post for delivery.

2) Generating return labels so a customer can return goods back to the merchant

During the fulfillment stage, a return parcel label can be added to a customer's parcel so that if a customer needs to exchange an item, they can then take the included return label and use this to return the good back to the merchant in a new parcel with little hassle. These return labels are only charged once the label is scanned into the NZ Post delivery network so if the customer does not use the label, then there is no charge to the merchant. The return label can be generated at the same time as the initial delivery label is requested from the ParcelLabel API.

3) Generating labels so a merchant's customer can print labels and ship goods from their location to a buyer's location

A merchant that has a eCommerce platform can offer shipping labels to their customers using their service. The merchant generates the label and passes the labels to the seller so that the seller can ship goods from the seller's location to a buyer's location. The process for this is when a seller of goods on the platform sells an item. The seller notifies the merchant and passes their address and the buyers address. From this information, the merchant can call the ParcelLabel API to generate the parcel label. The ParcelLabel API returns a parcel label, which is then passed to the seller to print off and place on the parcel. Once the parcel label is attached, the parcel is ready to be passed to NZ Post for delivery.