ParcelPickUp API

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ParcelPickUp Overview


The ParcelPickUp API that notifies PACE or CourierPost to come and pick up your parcel. The integrator provides the pick up location in the form of a site id or an address to create the pick up record.

ParcelPickUp includes the following resources:

BookingCreates a despatch event to notify a courier to pick up a parcelPOST

Operational Considerations

The following information is intended to inform integrating merchants of NZ Post Group operational processes that may impact how the ParcelPickUp API is used.

  1. If using the Pace service within this API, note that any service promise time such as "90 minutes" begins when the booking is made. This needs to be taken into consideration with delivery promises to your customers.

  2. Where both ParcelLabel and ParcelPickUp are used, and Pace is the carrier, ParcelPickUp needs to be called BEFORE the label is printed, in order to generate a job number to assign within the label format.

  3. For CourierPost and NZ Post parcels, ParcelPickUp can be called AFTER the label is printed because tracking numbers are generated at the time the label is printed. This enables the courier to collect many parcels you have prepared during the day at one time.

  4. If you have scheduled daily CourierPost collections with your business manager (for consistent daily parcel senders), there is no need to use the ParcelPickUp API. However, you must still make bookings for Pace products, either through this API, the Pace website or by phone.

  5. For Pace , a pick up time must be entered. The pick up time specified must be in the future. It is recommended that your application includes a validation that does not allow entry of a pick up time in the past.

  6. Your parcels must be packed, labelled and at the collection point at the scheduled courier pick-up time. This is mandatory. It is recommended that for CourierPost services, pack, label, and move parcel to the pick up point prior to creating a despatch event. For Pace services where a despatch event must be created prior to labeling, your business processes should ensure that the parcel is moved to the pick up location prior to the pick-up time.

  7. While the client_contact and client_phone parameters are optional in the ParcelPickUp booking request, merchants are strongly encouraged to populate these fields as it provides a way for customer services to contact the person who made the booking should a pick up or delivery address issue arise.