ParcelTrack API

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Environments and Testing


You, as an integrating partner, are expected to maintain your own development, test and production environments from which to call the corresponding NZ Post Group environment and to follow the software development lifecycle.

Environment Detail

NZ Post Group User Acceptance Test (UAT) EnvironmentThis environment is available for integration to test your solutions to ensure that calls to the API’s are technically correct and that the responses received are handled as they expect. This environment is available for system, integration and user acceptance testing.
Production EnvironmentThis environment is for live use and is only available upon completion of the go-live checklist.

Testing Your Application

NZ Post Group is committed to making integration to its products easy and robust and are available to support your development and testing.

As with any development, NZ Post Group encourages you to test your application with both positive and negative scenarios. The following list of test cases has been provided for your convenience but it is not intended to be comprehensive. Some test cases may not apply to your use of the API. Please extend with test cases specific to your business.

Suggested Test CasesExpected Result
Query tracking information for a valid tracking numberExpected results are displayed
Query tracking information for an invalid tracking numberNo results are displayed