ShippingOptions API

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SoapUI Collection

1. Download the SoapUI test tool from below link

install the SoapUI as per the instructions above link

2. Download the ShippingOptions 2.0.0 SoapUI project file from below link to your local folder

3. Run SoapUI

路 Find the SoapUI shortcut on desktop.

路 Run the application by clicking on the icon shown below.


4. Import ShippingOptions test suite into SoapUI from your Local folder

路 Import the SoaPUI project file from your local folder.


路 Expand the ShippingOptions 2.0.0 project and fill the client_id and bearer token values for all the methods as shown below


5. Test the ShippingOptions

路 Send request by clicking the Green arrow.


路 Select the JSON tap and to see the JSON response at the right window.