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Opus Consulting - Card Service Experience API Template

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Card Servicing Experience APIs provide various services to banks and financial institutions in order to process card related requests.


Business API Definition:

Card Servicing APIs is the set of APIs that can be used by a consumer-like a bank, financial institution, or card service provider to perform card controlling operations on their card management platform. The consumer platform can achieve an end-to-end card control service experience through these APIs.

The services that can be utilized through Card Control APIs are:

• API to perform CRUD operations on card profiles.

• API to perform card operations like Hotlist/De-hotlist/Card Activation/Card Renewal/Stop Card Renewal/Close Card/Add-on Card/Hotlist & Reissue request.

• API to update transaction limit.

• API to update demographic information.

• API to reset pin counter.

• API to create and update PIN.


This asset provides core functionality specific for integrations aligned to the individual processes described. Please consider this as a template for testing and early-stage development purposes with production availability dependent on individual products and solutions within an individual organization’s existing payments portfolio.

For support and guidance on aligning assets to the production environment and questions related to compatibility with the product, please contact Opus by emailing mulesoftconnector@opusconsulting.com

Use Case:

A bank, financial institution, or a card service provider organization can consume the services of Card Servicing APIs to utilize the card control services for their customers and make the process of card control hassle-free. These APIs upgrade the overall performance of the consumer platform.




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Published onJul 14, 2021
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