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Make Connections. Easily connect applications with Guidewire using the InsuranceSuite Cloud API.

This sample connector from Guidewire enables you to explore, practice, and test publishing the InsuranceSuite Cloud API to MuleSoft. Connect the most trusted P&C core platform to apps, services, and experiences across your enterprise easily with the InsuranceSuite Cloud API and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. This sample connector provides thorough, yet easy-to-understand examples of connecting Guidewire ClaimCenter to MuleSoft. The examples provided are relevant for any of the APIs within the InsuranceSuite Cloud API.


About the InsuranceSuite Cloud API

The InsuranceSuite Cloud API is a set of RESTful system APIs that client applications can use to request data from or initiate action within an InsuranceSuite application. Built specifically for Guidewire Cloud, the InsuranceSuite Cloud API enables you to connect apps and services from your enterprise to Guidewire without the need to make changes to the code base. Powerful and flexible, the InsuranceSuite Cloud API offers:

  • RESTful API access that exposes Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations on resources
  • Easily execute your business flows and transactions
  • Reduce cost and effort on upgrades
  • The stable and versioned API supports non-breaking changes and seamless upgrades of client applications
  • Auto-generation of line of business (LOB) APIs provide access to your unique product configurations without coding

Harness Open Ecosystems

With the MuleSoft Anypoint platform and the InsuranceSuite Cloud API, you can rapidly integrate new technologies and partner applications, enable digital transformation, and foster innovation through “test and learn”, all while reducing IT complexity. Built with modern, open standards, the API provides the capability to interact with any REST service. Example use cases include:

  • Headless FNOL experiences for rapid claims handling
  • Realize end to end claims automation that reduces losses and improves customer satisfaction using apps from one of the 100+ Guidewire Solution partners
  • Integrate IoT devices into core processing to help clients mitigate risk, and create compelling differentiation

Get to Hello World Faster

In addition to this sample connector, visit these resources to further explore the InsuranceSuite Cloud API, other Guidewire APIs, and learn about the flexibility and extensibility of the Guidewire integration services.

  • Link to Guidewire's Sample RAML
  • Download Guidewire’s How-To Guide to start using the Claims RAML file provider here with your own Guidewire ClaimCenter Environment.
  • Official Documentation: Get started with the InsuranceSuite Cloud API by reading the documentation for Guidewire ClaimCenter
  • Guidewire Developers: Visit the Guidewire Developers site to learn about the InsuranceSuite Cloud API, as well as the full stack of developer tools and resources for building on the Guidewire platform
  • Guidewire Marketplace: Discover creative new solutions and move your business forward with apps, content, and more from the world’s most trusted and innovative partners in P&C


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Published onMay 18, 2021
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