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About the iText DITO API

The iText DITO API Connector for MuleSoft allows developers to generate PDFs by passing JSON data to a REST API to combine with your templates designed in the iText DITO Editor.


About iText DITO

iText DITO is a data-driven, collaborative template-based PDF generator that simplifies the process of creating PDFs. It offers an intuitive visual template designer, a powerful REST API for processing and production, and with the release of iText DITO 2.0, we've introduced the new iText DITO Manager to handle user, template, and resource management.

Designed to both save time for developers and empower business users to take ownership of all their PDF templates and resources, it consists of an intuitive browser-based design and management experience, coupled with a REST API for PDF generation. What would otherwise take two weeks to do in code using other PDF libraries can now be accomplished in under an hour.

It is your ideal solution if you are looking to

  • Leverage data, wherever it resides,
  • Mass-generate compliant PDF documents,
  • Reduce time and cost of document automation projects,
  • Empower business users to collaboratively create and manage their own document templates.


To use this connector, you should be familiar with:

Users should also know the available parameters of PDF documents defined by the PDF specification.

API configuration

Since iText DITO does not provide an authentication flow by default, all you need to configure is the Host of your iText DITO instance as the baseUri parameter of the connector.

Expected Flow

The connector currently allows users to create PDF documents from templates (which must be created beforehand using the iText DITO template designer) and a JSON payload.

To connect the connector to all other services via MuleSoft you can use the following API:

Create a PDF file [POST] /api/pdf-producer

With the following simple request body:

templateName: <templateName_on_iText DITO_server>,
data: <JsonString containing data for production>

The request-response contains a relative path to the produced PDF, which is stored in the mapped Volume of the iText DITO container.

Use cases

It is ideal for generating invoices, bank statements, reports, or indeed any document that requires data injection from elsewhere. With iText DITO templates you can use features such as dynamic data binding, conditional logic, filtered loops, and more, with the minimum of fuss.

For some use case examples, you can refer to the following case studies on our website:

1) Belgian Government & DXC Technologies

2) TVH Group/mateco

3) New Ocean Health Solutions

Additional resources

  • iText DITO Knowledge Base - A central repository for all iText DITO technical documentation and resources
  • iText DITO product page
  • iText website
  • A demo that shows how iText DITO is used on the MuleSoft platform: using data into an iText DITO template to create a PDF, which is then sent to DocuSign to add a digital signature. All in one single integrated workflow.

About iText Software

iText is a global leader in innovative award-winning PDF software, offering open-source and enterprise solutions that streamline the generation and consumption of documents and data. Our solutions are used by millions of users, both open source and commercial, to create a wide variety of digital documents, such as invoices, credit card statements, mobile boarding passes, legal archiving, digital signing, and more.

In addition to iText DITO, we also develop the highly versatile iText 7 Core open-source PDF library and its suite of add-ons which enable extra functionality. iText 7 Core is freely available under the AGPL license, while iText also offers the full iText 7 Suite under commercial licensing for customers that wish to keep their source code private.


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