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Anypoint Store is an online experience that demonstrates customer onboarding, product availability, product reservation and fulfillment use-cases. This RAML Specification was designed using GS1 standards and serves as a best practice for how Process and System APIs can be abstracted with a lightweight RESTful interface. The Experience API can be used to create a front-end experience without understanding complex system domains or business logic encapsulated within process APIs.

Catalyst Accelerator for Retail

This API implementation is one of many components included in Catalyst Accelerator for Retail. It provides organizations with connectivity assets that accelerate project delivery in retail, including pre-built API designs and implementations that support core retail business processes.

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How to open this RAML in Studio?

You can reference a RAML file directly from the HTTP connector by following the steps listed here.


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Published onSep 12, 2018
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