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The Oracle ERP Cloud Connector enables you to easily integrate on-premises or SaaS applications with Oracle ERP Cloud without having to know about the specific details involved in the integration. The connector provides the following benefits:

  • Integrates easily with the Oracle ERP Cloud application’s WSDL file to produce a simplified, integration-centric WSDL.
  • Allows users to select different operations supported by Oracle ERP without the need to understand the WSDL.
  • The connector quickly integrates your Oracle ERP data with your other systems or easily makes your data available for enhanced analytics and business intelligence.
  • The connector provides a simple and intuitive interface, reducing the time and cost of developing and maintaining interfaces.

About MuleSoft Certified Connectors

MuleSoft Certified connectors are developed by MuleSoft’s partners and developer community and subsequently reviewed and certified by MuleSoft. For these connectors, MuleSoft will take initial calls from customers and isolate the issue for resolution. MuleSoft disclaims any additional support obligation for such MuleSoft Certified Connector. By installing this connector, you consent to MuleSoft sharing your contact information with the developer of this connector so that you can receive more information about it directly from the developer. This connector was developed by AST, and reviewed by MuleSoft. To download this connector, or for questions or support related to it, contact AST at:

**This 3rd party connector does not require an additional fee to use with MuleSoft Enterprise Edition. MuleSoft Certified Connectors are not accessible to MuleSoft Community Edition**


With more than 400 cloud-certified employees and expertise in both domestic and global implementations, AST is supporting customers’ dynamic needs for agile cloud, on-premises, and hybrid integrations. AST offers the benefits of cloud-based integration with the best of both implementation and managed services to our customers. AST is an award-winning full-service enterprise systems integrator, serving clients in the public and commercial sectors for more than two decades. Clients look to AST for leadership and assistance in systems integration, business process redesign, project management, systems administration, and training. From on-premise applications to modern cloud technology, AST’s services encompass all aspects of enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, enterprise performance management, customer experience, and middleware. AST also offers flexible managed services, supporting the needs of over 200 public sector and commercial customers around the globe.

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