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This asset is a component of MuleSoft Accelerators, which are a collection of technical assets (predominantly API specifications and implementation templates) and documentation to accelerate the implementation of multiple use cases supporting a larger business or industry problem.

The accelerator-pom-parent project is used for storing common configurations, constants, common dependencies, and resources used across all the child projects. It provides a single Maven configuration file (POM), which is used as the parent by most other accelerator projects.

To view the source code for this project, download the asset and extract the contents to a temporary folder. The archive contains a single project folder, which can be moved/copied to the desired location or imported into Studio as an existing general project.


To make changes to the Parent POM file:

  1. Download the Accelerator POM Parent asset and extract the archive to a temporary directory.
  2. Import the extracted accelerator-pom-parent folder into Studio using the Existing Projects into Workspace wizard (select the Copy projects into workspace option, if desired).
  3. Before making any changes, edit the pom.xml file and increment the version number of the actual artifact (e.g., <version>2.0.1</version>). It is important to update the version number to avoid having stale references in your local Maven repository.

To make your changes available to other applications:

  1. Edit the install script for your platform (e.g., install.cmd for Windows) and update the value of the VERSION variable to match the one in the pom.xml file.
  2. Run the install script from the command line to have Maven install the updated version in the local repository.
  3. In each application you wish to update, change the value of the parent version to match the new POM.

To make the new version available to other developers:

  1. Deploy it to your own Anypoint Exchange instance.
  2. Edit the pom.xml file again and set the groupId value to the Business Group ID of the target Anypoint instance.
  3. Update the deploy script (e.g., on Linux/MacOS) to set the VERSION variable as described above and then run the script. Each application that needs to use the new version must change the groupId value in the parent to match the one you used for parent POM deployment.


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Published onApr 18, 2024
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