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This API specification is a component of MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail, which accelerates implementation of essential integration use cases such as customer profile sync, order sync, and products sync across commerce, marketing, CRM, ERP, and OMS applications.

The Lightning Web Component (LWC) can be used as a UI for displaying data from APIs delivered with Mule, which:

  • Displays an inventory check button to perform an available-to-promise check against SAP
  • Is written generically to support Inventory check and update Available Quantity, ProductId, and Location

Component layout

The LWC is comprised of one visual element, which can be added to a record detail view page:

  • When clicked, the lightning button retrieves the stock inventory for all the stores

Mule App formatting notes

The format of the input data is critical in order for the LWC to render correctly. The API should return a JSON object with the following minimum fields:

  1. productId — Product Code
  2. quantityInStock — Quantity of Product available in SAP
  3. StoreId — Location of the store


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MuleSoft Solutions
Published onJan 25, 2022
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