Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) System API

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Prior authorization (PA) is a process commonly used by payer organizations to manage healthcare costs. Providers need to receive advanced approval from payers before care delivery to ensure that patients/members receive treatments, testing, referrals, and devices appropriate for their specific conditions and that are covered by the specific health plan in which the member is enrolled.

The Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) specifies how payer rules are executed in a provider context to ensure that documentation requirements are met. The goal of the DTR process is to collect clinical documentation and encourage the completion of documentation that demonstrates medical necessity for ordered items or services.

The API specification supports the following Resources on Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR):

/QuestionnaireThe Questionnaire resource is used to represent the information needs that a payer has to satisfy for their documentation requirements and/or rules.
/QuestionnaireResponseThe QuestionnaireResponse resource is used to represent a response to the Questionnaire presented by the payer.
/TaskThe task resource is used to capture a request for additional actions that arise from the DTR flow.

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Published onOct 12, 2023
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