RCG B2B Commerce System API - Implementation Template

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Please review the use cases described on the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail solution pages for more information about dependencies on other APIs and services.

Prerequisite setup

Creating Custom Fields in Salesforce Org

These instructions assume an Org was created in Salesforce with access to Account and Contact object.

  1) Click on Salesforce Setup icon and select 'Developer Console' -> It will open a new console window

  2) Go to File -> New -> Apex class and create a new apex class

  3) Copy the code from "/src/test/scripts/MetadataUtility.apxc" to the above apex class and save

  4) Go to Debug -> Open Execute Anonymous Window. Execute the scripts one by one from '/src/test/scripts/CreateCustomField.txt'

  5) The service account user profile configured in "rcg-b2b-commerce-sys-api" should have access to the custom fields created using above steps.

Next steps

Refer to the Deployment page for instructions on how to configure and deploy this application.


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Published onSep 17, 2022
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