RCG B2C Commerce System API

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This API specification is a component of the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail, which accelerates the implementation of essential integration use cases.

The B2C Commerce System API supports the following functionality:

  • Performs inventory updates into B2C Commerce.
  • Performs Product Item, Master, and Variant creation into B2C Commerce. Product Inventory and Category values can be assigned. PriceBook through OCAPI cannot be added.
  • Performs Product Item, Master, and Variant updates into B2C Commerce.
  • Retrieves Products List using search criteria from B2C Commerce.
  • Performs order status updates into B2C Commerce.
  • Creates or updates Promotions in B2C Commerce.
  • Retrieves Promotions by promotionId.
  • Retrieves a list of all existing Promotions.

Customers can use this integration template to accelerate implementation.


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MuleSoft Solutions
Published onMar 8, 2024
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