RCG Oracle EBS Order System API - Implementation Template

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This implementation template has the following dependencies:

  • Oracle EBS Instance
  • Deploying the PL/SQL services. More details can be found in the documentation here

Please review the use cases described on the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail solution pages for more information about dependencies on other APIs and services.

Oracle EBS PL/SQL Services

The following table lists the Oracle EBS PL/SQL services used by this implementation:

API EndpointPL/SQL Service - Operation
get:/orders/{orderID}salesOrdersServices - GET_ORDER
get:/orderssalesOrdersServices - GET_ORDER
post:/orderssalesOrdersServices - PROCESS_ORDER
patch:/orders/{orderID}salesOrdersServices - PROCESS_ORDER

Next steps

Refer to the Deployment page for instructions on how to configure and deploy this application.


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Published onJun 14, 2023
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