RCG Salesforce Marketing System API - Implementation Template

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Please review the use cases described on the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail solution pages for more information about dependencies on other APIs and services.

Prerequisite setup

Below are details required to be setup in Salesforce Marketing System to configure
the API to interact with it.It is assumed that you have appropriate Roles to
Salesforce Marketing System to create "Installed Packages" and create
Data Extensions.

 1) Login to https://mc.s4.exacttarget.com/ using your credentials.
 2) Verify if you at least have Administrator,Marketing Cloud Administrator and
    Marketing Cloud Security Administrator Roles assigned.
 3) Click on Settings -> Setup -> Users -> Roles and check the role is assigned
    by selecting and clicking on View Assignments.
 4) Create Installed Package.
 5) Click on Settings -> Setup -> Apps -> Installed Packages. Click on 'New' and
    add a new Package by providing Name and Description. It creates a Package.
 6) Now Click on 'Add Component' button that appears under 'Details' tab. A
    pop-up opens up with few options under "Choose your Component Type" section.
 7) Select 'API Integration' as component type and click on 'Next' button.
 8) Select 'Server-to-Server'  as Integration Type and click on 'Next' button.
 9) Select Appropriate Scopes as needed for Integration and click 'Save'.
    Note: These scopes listed below are needed for using the Marketing Cloud
    REST API and may not be used by the MuleSoft connector used in this
    Email: Read, Write
    Automations: Read, Write, Execute
    List and Subscribers: Read, Write
    Data Extensions: Read, Write
10) Once Saved you will be able to see the 'API Integration' under
    'Components' section. It will have the Client Id, Client Secret and
    SOAP Base URI that can be used to configure in
    `config-local.yaml/config-dev.yaml` properties file for each environment.
11) Add a Data Extension (Individual)
12) Click on Email Studio.
13) Click on 'Subscribers' Menu on the Top of your screen.
14) Click on 'Data Extensions' link on left of your tab.
15) On right side tab under 'Data Extensions' section, click 'Create'
    button to create Data Extensions.
16) Select 'Standard DataExtension' from the popup that appears with a
    message 'Specify the method by which the data extension will be built'.
    Click Ok.
17) On the next popup screen Choose Creation Method as 'Create from New'
    Fill in the Name of the DataExtension as 'Individual' and check the
   'Is Sendable?' checkbox and Click 'Next'.
18) On Data Retention Policy popup set the 'Retention Setting'    to 'On'
    and select 'Apply To' 'Delete:' as 'All records and data extensions'.
    Set the 'Period:' as 'After 6 Years' from drop down and Click 'Next'.
19) On this screen you will be provided with option to add Fields and create
20) Add a field 'EmailAddress' with 'EmailAddress' Data type and mark
    it as 'Primary Key'
21) Add 'FirstName','LastName','PersonName' and 'GlobalPartyId' fields as 'Text' Data type with
    Length as 500 and mark them as Nullable.

22) Add below fields as 'Text' Data type of Length 500.
23) Add below fields as 'Date' Data type
24) From drop downs of 'Send Relationship', choose 'Email Address'
    relates to Subscribers on as 'Subscriber Key'. Click on 'Create'.

## Next steps

Refer to the [Deployment](https://anypoint.mulesoft.com/exchange/org.mule.examples/rcg-salesforce-marketing-sys-api/minor/3.0/pages/Deployment) page for instructions on how to configure and deploy this application.


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