RCG Snowflake System API - Implementation Template

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Each Accelerator implementation template in Exchange includes Bash and Windows scripts for building and deploying the APIs to CloudHub. These scripts depend on repositories, global settings, deployment profiles, and associated properties configured in the Maven settings.xml file.

Required property overrides

At a minimum, the following properties must be customized to reflect the target deployment environment:

Property NameDescription
api.autodiscoveryIDRequired if using API Manager to secure this API
anypoint.platform.client_idAnypoint client ID
anypoint.platform.client_secretAnypoint client secret
db.snowflake.userSnowflake username
db.snowflake.passwordSnowflake password

Please refer to the README.md file in the asset for detailed instructions on how to download and deploy the template.


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Published onApr 26, 2022
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