TMF 641 Service Order Management

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Configure Anypoint MQ

  1. Log in to Anypoint Platform using your Enterprise Mule credentials, and click MQ.
  2. Click Destinations.
  3. Click the (+) icon.
  4. Select Queue.
  5. In the ID field, enter the queue name.
  6. Click Create Queue. A Queue is created.

Configure Client App

  1. Log in to Anypoint Platform.
  2. Click MQ in the Anypoint Platform menu or on the main Anypoint Platform page.
  3. Click Client Apps in the left navigation pane.
  4. Click the blue plus (+) icon.
  5. Enter the name of the client app.
  6. Save the changes. A Client App is created.
  7. Click the client app entry to view the client app ID and client secret value in the details pane. The client secret value is obfuscated unless you click Show.
  8. Click the Copy button for the client app ID or client secret to copy the value to your clipboard.
  9. Select the client app name. You can see Client App ID and Client Secret in the right panel and you can store their values.


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