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The Anypoint Connector for Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) enables media companies to maximize their returns by streamlining a Google ad revenue engine with newly acquired business orders in real time. The connector’s capabilities derive the highest value for every impression by evaluating both online and offline sales through the use of Google DFP APIs.

Google DFP connector integrates ad management functions with multiple internal systems. That ensures seamless access and analytics of real-time data gathered from CRM, ERP, and other applications, which enables better advertising margins.

Connector Services

In addition to the basic services, such as company, inventory, line item, order, user, and report services, that are supported by the updated Google DFP community edition connector, the connector v3.1.0 provides access to advanced services and customization options.

Services that are supported exclusively by the Google DFP connector v3.1.0 include:

  • CustomField Service
  • Custom Targeting Service
  • Forecast Service
  • Placement Service
  • Publisher Query Language Service
  • Report Service

The connector supports both service account and OAuth authentication methods.

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To purchase the connector, or get assistance or support for the Google DFP Connector, contact Ricston directly at ([].

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About Ricston Ltd

Ricston’s strong pedigree comes from a long history with MuleSoft, founded by Peter Delia and Ross Mason back in 2006 to develop training collateral and deliver services around Mule - Ricston was one of the first MuleSoft partners.

At our core is a team of technology professionals across Europe on a mission to lead organizations through their Digital Transformation journey and bring experience and best practices to accelerate results while developing long lasting and trusted customer relationships.

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Published onMar 5, 2018
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