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MuleSoft's Salesforce connector enables you to accelerate your Salesforce integrations across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Platform, and The connector gives you access to all Salesforce entities to enable automation of your business processes to help you maximize your investments in services and solutions like enabling sales teams, increasing revenue, and better serving customers. This connector:

  • Provides a powerful solution to implement top Salesforce integration patterns.
  • Supports all create, read, upsert, and delete operations across Salesforce objects. Additionally it supports Salesforce's bulk operations that are optimized for working with large sets of data.
  • Enables you to easily leverage custom fields and custom entities to solve integration needs to your custom Salesforce instance.

Associated Use Cases

Automate common business operations by integrating Salesforce with other business applications such as ERP, analytics systems, and data warehouse systems. Possibilities include:

  • ERP integration – Give your sales team access to all relevant customer data from one system via real-time synchronization of data between Salesforce and your ERP & finance applications such as SAP and NetSuite.
  • Data Aggregation – Collect data from multiple Salesforce orgs, other CRM's, ERP systems, and databases into one Salesforce instance or use that information to generate reports.
  • Legacy modernization – Easily manage data post-acquisition, move off of a legacy CRM system or migrate ERP data into Salesforce by automatically moving your data into Salesforce.
  • Deliver a consistent, connected customer experience across channels, increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth by integrating Salesforce to applications such as ServiceNow, Marketo, and others.

Prominent templates from MuleSoft to accelerate your Salesforce integrations include:

Supported Salesforce APIs and Web Services

The Salesforce connector supports operations across the Salesforce APIs and Web Services listed below. For a deeper understanding of Salesforce APIs refer here.

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