Cloudhub API

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Short description

The CloudHub Public API enables you to access application management services for applications deployed to CloudHub.

Detailed description

The Cloudhub Public API allows you to deploy and manage applications in CloudHub. You can deploy your application, manage schedules and queues within an application, and view logs pertaining to an application. You can also view memory and cpu usage and get statistics about the Mule messages sent using the application.


You can access the API through an interface provided by the Runtime Manager. The Runtime Manager UI enables access to all of the API endpoints.

The Cloudhub Public API provides a one month retention policy for statistics data.

To access this API you must send a request with a valid token. See the Getting Started section to understand how to obtain a token and use it in this API.

To access the API you can use the curl command to make calls to the endpoint directly while supplying the access token and authorization header.

Getting Started

To start using the API, the you need to authenticate using Anypoint Access Management and select Runtime Manager after logging in. You can also access the API by including the access token obtained by authenticating via Anypoint Access Management in every request.

Example API Calls

The following example shows how to retrieve schedules for an application.


curl -X GET \
-H 'Authorization:bearer ea27ee48-43d3-4d63-a71c-e7cf3c9ff167' \
-H 'X-ANYPNT-ENV-ID:3a654a5a-dc7f-4b39-997e-55dbd9675bb7' \
-H 'X-ANYPNT-ORG-ID:f1f2a7eb-995f-456f-a295-62a9ec9285da' \

  "flow":"vmpersistentqueue_pocFlow1","name":"vmpersistentqueue_pocFlow1 Poll",


Support for this API is provided through the [Anypoint Platform support portal](