Demographics API

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The Future is now attainable for your financial institution with this API. Now accessing information with ease is a reality for certain items like specific demographics and address information.

This Demographics API grants the ability to view and update address information (including Street, City, State, Country Code and Zip Code) and demographics information (including cardholder profile / contact details and last updated information) offering real-time updates for a state-of-the-art banking experience.

The following endpoints are consumable with this API:

  • /connex/demographics-information.get: Obtain cardholder demographic information.
  • /connex/demographics-information: Amend cardholder demographic details.
  • /connex/demographics-address.get: Inquire about an account’s address information including all available residential addresses used on the account.
  • /connex/demographics-address: Update accounts with current address information for the member.
  • /omaha/address.get: Obtain residential mailing address information on a cardholder’s account.
  • /omaha/expanded-address: Input or revise a cardholder’s mailing address on their account.
  • /omaha/expanded-address.delete: Remove the mailing address on a cardholder’s account.
  • /omaha/invalid-address-flag: Mark cardholder accounts containing invalid address information.
  • /connex/update-contact-details: Update contact information provided by the cardholder via a digital channel.
  • /omaha/duplicate-correspondence-flag: Sets a correspondence limit to cardholders.

Use Case Examples:

  • Add, Remove, Update or View an account’s contact and demographics details (including address information, alerts, cardholder profile, contact preference, date last used, previous card data, and more) provided by a cardholder via a digital channel in order to populate a cardholder’s profile or to contact a member.
  • Use this API internally as a secondary security validation for high value transactions like credit balance refund: (e.g. Request the cardholder to enter their zip code via the digital interface and compare that input to the data retrieved from this API call, and if a match is not validated, then do not honor the requested transaction).
  • Identify data validation errors when updating address information, reducing the need to handle data exceptions and notate invalid address information if found recorded on a cardholder’s account diminishing incorrect mailings to members being returned.
  • Limits correspondence to once per day per cardholder’s account to reduce communications errors.
  • Confirm mobile enrollment indicating whether or not the cardholder has loaded the application on their mobile device for use.
  • Obtain and confirm account expiration date for cardholder verification.
  • Determine account travel notification status with start and end dates.
  • Retrieve previously associated cards for a cardholder (reissued or replaced).
  • Inquire on the number of failed PIN validation attempts and update to allow a cardholder to perform transactions.
  • Grant Power of Attorney (POA) and name the individual granted POA rights.
  • View if the card is set up with Card Companions like FOBs or tags that can be waived at the counter for ease of payment.