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The MerchantE Partner to Portal API offers a streamlined process to pass merchant business information related to a sales opportunity, a partial application, or a completed application to MerchantE. This API model is based on the MerchantE application and the business information required to underwrite and onboard merchants with our company.

Clients of this API are granted the ability to create, update, or delete Salesforce objects containing business information specific to an opportunity, directly from their own customer relationship management system. These objects are then transposed to the Partner Portal in a viewable format, where they will display data needed to onboard the account so that the merchant may begin to process credit card transactions.

The merchant application and onboarding process is available not only through the Partner to Portal API, but also through manual data entry into the custom Partner Portal user interface. Additionally, the Partner Portal can be utilized to append information sent through the API, or as a quality assurance checkpoint prior to submitting the application to underwriting.

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