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The NZ Post currently provides the ability for merchants to get address details and search for associated collection locations, generate a label and subscribe to the mandatory customer collection notifications. To enable this with a minimum number of touch points for the merchant, NZ Post provides two APIs which orchestrate calls. These are:
CollectionAddress (API 1) - To get address details and collection point locations CollectionLabel (API 2) - To generate a label and subscribe the receiver to the mandatory collection notification subscription

This document describes the CollectionAddress API.


In order for you to gain access to the CollectionAddress API, you and your organisation must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Your organisation must have an active NZ Post or CourierPost account number.
  2. You must be registered with the Developer Portal. You can register here by completing the registration form. The email address you provide on the registration form will be your Developer Portal username.
  3. You must have reviewed and accepted the Terms and Conditions for use of the NZ Post Group APIs.
  4. You must have requested, and received access to the CollectionAddress API.
  5. You must use address_id to obtain the address details and collection location from the CollectionAddress API.

To get address details and collection locations from CollectionAddress

The steps are:

  1. Use the address_id of the relevant address in the request. The address_id can be obtained using the ParcelAddress โ€œSearch for Addressโ€ resource.
  2. Call the CollectionAddress API with the address_id to retrieve the address details and nearby collection locations. The optional count parameter identifies the number of collection points you wish to retrieve. The maximum is 10 records and default is 1 record.
  3. The response of the CollectionAddress API is in JSON format.

For developer integration enquiries, please email Support is available during New Zealand business hours.


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