Getting Started

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What APIs do I need?

This all depends on what you're trying to achieve. However, in the first instance we recommend that you review the quality of addressing data within your system. A majority of our APIs require an accurate address:

  • ShippingOptions
  • ParcelLabel
  • ParcelPickup

You can ensure that your data is compliant with our address validation by utilizing our ParcelAddress API.

Here's a quick rundown on what each API is commonly used for:

ParcelAddress API

  • Utilised for implementing the typeahead functionality for domestic and international addressing.
  • Implementing this API at the point of data capture ensures that your system is retrieving accurate addressing data which can be utilized with the Shipping APIs and our other label generation tools i.e. eShip

ShippingOptions API

  • Utilised for retrieving available services and pricing between a pickup address and a destination address.
  • At the moment, contract (negotiated) rates are only returned back for our domestic services (CourierPost/Pace). Whilst carded (default) rates are returned back for a select few international services.

ParcelLabel API

  • Utilised for the generation of compliant domestic and international labels.

ParcelPickup API

  • Utilised for digitally requesting a courier to come and collect your parcels.
  • Can be used for generating domestic freight forwards (where the courier labels a parcel for you).

ParcelTrack API

  • Utilised for getting tracking data in your system.