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The cdle-famli-employer-reg-eapi Experience API provides a MuleSoft-based REST API for registering employers with the CDLE FAMLI program. Employers registered here are considered to have opted-in to the program.

This is a synchronous API that registers the employers provided in the payload. The response will detail the success or failure of each employer in the payload.

Successful responses will provide the newly generated FAMLI Id for each employer. This Id will need to be retained for all future wage reporting and payment API calls.


The FAMLI program requires that all employers with employees in the state of Colorado register with the program, regardless of their participation in the program. Employers using this API are giving their consent to participate in the program. DO NOT use this API if you intend to decline participation in the FAMLI program.


This system API requires a Client Id and Client Secret to be passed through the Headers of the requests. Client Id and Secret values are obtained through the Access Request process.

client_id: XXXXXX
client_secret: XXXXXX
Content-Type: application/json

Access Requests

To access this API, please send email to Put "API Access Request" in the subject line and include your company name, address, and business case for needing to access this API. CDLE will review the email and grant access credentials if your case is deemed appropriate for using this API.

Example Request

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External Dedicated Load Balancer


Full HTTPS Request / Code

client_id: XXXXXX
client_secret: XXXXXX
Content-Type: application/json