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About Card APIs

Card Experience APIs are a set of APIs which provide end-to-end card services and functionalities for consumers such as banks, financial institutions, or card service providers. This set of APIs is majorly categorized into Card Product APIs, Card Issuance APIs, and Card Servicing APIs. The services like BIN issuance, card product setup, card issuance, card control can be achieved by Card APIs.

Brief details about the various types of Card APIs:

#Card APIAPI Description
1Card Product APIsThe Card Product APIs are used by the consumer platforms to provide card management services. This set of APIs includes BIN Controller, Product Controller, and Transaction Profile Controller APIs which provide CRUD operations on BIN, card products, and transaction profiles for the card management system.
2Card Issuance APIsCard Issuance APIs are used by consumer platforms to perform card issuance services in their card management system. The consumer can utilize the services provided by these APIs for bulk or solo card issuance and card request status check.
3Card Servicing APIsCard Servicing APIs are the set of APIs used by a consumer to provide card servicing operations like Hotlist, De-hotlist, Card Activation, Card Renewal, Stop Card Renewal, Close Card, Add-on Card, Hotlist & Reissue request, PIN related services.


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