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ServiceNow setup guide

The following describes how to make required configurations in order to send updates from ServiceNow to Service Cloud.

Important: You must complete the following instructions before proceeding to Use case 2 - Create issues or incidents and Use case 3 - Updates to issues or incidents.

Here's how it works:

  • A business rule is created on the Incident object to trigger an outbound REST Message call during the incident update operation.
  • As of now, any updates to the Incident Object is captured by the business rule and the business rule invokes the outbound REST Message to send updates to Service Cloud by invoking the Mule API.
  • The outbound REST Message is configured with the Mule Experience API endpoint and HTTP Patch Method with body and headers.

The business rule then invokes the outbound REST Message component which does the HTTP Patch Call to the Mule API.

Importing configurations

To import ServiceNow configurations:

  1. Log into ServiceNow Instance.
  2. Navigate to the 'Incidents' Tab.
  3. Click on any column header and then click Import XML.
  4. To create the custom field u\__sfdc\__case\__id, use sys\__dictionary\__8c12fdb7db10001073a38a18489619c6.xml. This XML file contains configurations required for importing and creating the custom field.
  5. To create the business rule, use sys\__script\__759c4ab7db50001073a38a1848961988.xml. This XML file contains configurations required for importing and creating the required business rule.
  6. Update the HostName in sys\__rest\__message\__449fa137db10001073a38a18489619b9.xml and sys\__rest\__message\__fn\__15407137db10001073a38a184896196e.xml in field rest\__endpoint. These XML files contain the configuration required for importing and creating the outbound REST message. Replace application host name of Experience API in these XML files to point to the required environment.
  7. To create the REST message configuration, import sys\__rest\__message\__449fa137db10001073a38a18489619b9.xml first and then import sys\__rest\__message\__fn\__15407137db10001073a38a184896196e.xml. These XML files contain outbound REST message body configurations.
  8. Import sys\__rest\__message\__headers\__11376b90db60001073a38a18489619ab.xml to import http headers. This XML contains the outbound REST message.
  9. Upload the file and then click Submit.
  10. Repeat the steps for all the files.
  11. Skip uploading the file, if it's already imported.
  12. Verify the import by checking the creation of the custom field, business rule, and REST message.
  13. Add the following fields to the ServiceNow Incident Form page by configuring the form design:
    • comments
    • priority
    • state
    • opened_by


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Published onJun 29, 2021
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