RCG B2C Customers System API - Implementation Template

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This implementation template has the following dependencies:

  • A B2C Commerce sandbox instance is required
  • Client Access - The client requires permission to access the B2C CommerceAPI. Open "Account Manager", click "API Client" and select "Add API Client".In the "Allowed scopes" text box add "sfcc.shopper-customers.register","sfcc.customerlists.rw" and "sfcc.shopper-myaccount.addresses.rw" scopes
  • Login to B2C Commerce, navigate to Administration-> Site Development -> OpenCommerce API Settings, choose "data" from the "Select Type" drop down, and addthe following entries to access the OCAPI api:
      "resource_id": "/customers/*",
      "methods": [
      "read_attributes": "(**)",
      "write_attributes": "(**)"

Please review the use cases described on the MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail solution pages for more information about dependencies on other APIs and services.

Next steps

Refer to the Deployment page for instructions on how to configure and deploy this application.


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Published onDec 8, 2023
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