API Platform API

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Query APIs by a tag name

Let's work with the API Platform API. In this short example, we will query all your APIs that are tagged with a given tag name.

In the notebook, APIs are driven by RAML files (more about RAML). RAML files define an API's endpoints and expected parameters.

To play this notebook, you need to be logged in to Anypoint Platform first.

To create an API client in a notebook, we use the built-in API.createClient method:

To authenticate an API client in the notebook, let us use another built-in API.authenticate function:

The input dialogue will prompt you to enter a tag name that will be used for filtering APIs.

Now we obtain the active organizationId

Let us initialize an array that will contain API names:

Now we will iterate through all APIs, their versions and corresponding tags to get those with the given tag name

Finally, we print the API names array: