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Who do I contact if I am interested in using the Graydon Intā€™l API?Ā 

Please get in contact with you local salesrepresentative or accountmanager.

General contactdetails can be found via our websites

Is there a sample of the data provided through the API?

This developer environment includes a mockresponse, which will show you an example of a report. This can be found at theĀ Retrieve Report Order

Where can I find a list of all of the data items available?

A list of all available items can be received via your accountmanager. Please get in contact with. This environment includes a mockresponse, which provides the majority of all elements you can receive for our international service.

Is the service multilingual?

At present the service is being offered in English, but we hope to be able to add a multi-lingual capability soon.

Which countries are available through the API?

A list of the countries which are currently availableĀ can be found here

Why are there so few companies available through the API compared with the Graydon Portal (Insights)?

We are in the process of building new links to our various partners across the world. As new connections to countries become available they will be added to the list. As we are mapping the data to our International Data Model the majority of the data should be available without you having to do too much additional work.


The Annual Accounts are in progress and subject to change. This will be in effect till further notice on this page.

When can we expect the Annual Accounts to be finalized?

We are working towards a solution. Updates on this will be communicated on this page.Ā